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About Natali Sisauri

About Natali Sisauri

Natali Sisauri holds an undergraduate and a graduate in Fashion Design, having studied at the bestfashion design institutes around the world, and brings her immense wealth of talent to bear in designingbreathtakingly beautiful wedding dresses and evening gowns. At Natali Sisauri’s bridal parlor, which also specializes in designing evening gowns, each bride is given full VIP service, professional consultationand the perfect matching of every dress to each bride’s unique build and tastes. The bridal parlor isdesigned in prestigious style and includes an expansive bridal suite, a professional tailor, an experiencedstylist, makeup designer, hair designer, and each bride enjoys various treats and service of the highestquality.

Fully Customized Wedding Dresses and Evening Gowns Natali Sisauri is a global-scale fashion designer known for her great skill and her inspirational creativity.Natali has over 25 years of experience, annually offering a new and original collection of wedding dresses and evening gowns from nothing but the highest and greatest quality of imported materials, with an international look and much style and prestige. From the very first meeting the bride will receive personal consultation and a meeting with an experienced stylist who will accompany her throughout the entire process of choosing the dress and all other preparations for the event.

At the prestigious and glamorous bridal parlor located in Ashdod, each bride is given all-encompassing treatment which includes hair design, professional makeup and on-the- spot alterations done by a professional, experienced tailor. Natali invites you to a wonderful experience combined with style, with each woman leading with a modern, fashionable look making a personal and unique statement.

Creation Filled with Exhilaration From the moment you enter Natali Sisauri’s bridal parlor, you can feel the prestigious and royal air permeating throughout the salon, as each bride is provided with exclusive and pampering treatment.

One doesn’t need to travel to the center of Israel to enjoy a wedding dress or bridal gown that isexquisitely and originally designed, alongside the highest standards of service. You should know that thebridal parlor is designed like a royal suite at an exclusive 5-star hotel, and since Natali Sisauri believes in personal treatment, she ensures that she will never see more than 2 brides a day.

The dresses and gowns are sewn from only material of the highest quality, following numerous measurements, to perfectly fit the excited bride, and to perfectly fit the bride’s dreams and desires. Natali Sisauri designs the dresses using a wide range of styles, which paying attention to the greatest and tiniest details, all this and more to provide each and every bride with a modern look which will accentuate her beauty and natural gifts.

If you are interested in purchasing the royal wedding dress which you’ve dreamed about since you were a child, or to pick out an evening gown with a unique look, you should make an appointment at Natali Sisauri’s bridal parlor. We guarantee excellent service, fair prices and an unforgettable experience combined with style, prestige and heartfelt treats. Call now or leave your details on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.